What is EPS?

EPS, acronym of Expanded Polystyrene, is a rigid, closed cell, plastic foam material. EPS can be molded into a variety of shapes and sizes. EPS is typically available in large blocks that can be cut into sheeting, architectural shapes for use on buildings or in the movie industry, signage, floatation and other applications. Its lightweight properties make it very easy to work with. Architectural EPS is modified with a fire-retardant product and it is coated with an acrylic-based finish, such as polymer modified concrete in our case.

Are Styrofoam and EPS the same product?

A common misunderstanding about EPS is that it is referred to as Styrofoam. Styrofoam is a trademark for a product that is manufactured by DOW Chemical Company. Styrofoam and EPS have two completely different manufacturing processes. In fact Styrofoam is an extruded foam board, whereas EPS is an expanded molded cellular board.

One of the most notable differences is that EPS does not, and has never used CFCs or HCFCs, which are harmful to the ozone layer, for the processing of making rigid insulation.

What is the purpose of using Architectural details?

Architectural details are used on buildings exteriors and interiors to add design, charm and luxury as well as define the entire building. They are fundamental to the life and personality of a space. The use of incorporating architectural forms to buildings originated from the ancient Middle East and Byzantium in the 8th century and later developed in North Africa and particularly in Europe, reaching its highest form in the Renaissance period.

What are the advantages of using Fibre-Crown™ Architectural Details?

  • Affordable, less costly compared to traditional methods
  • Durable
  • Light weight
  • Structurally stable
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Maintenance free
  • Not affected by rain, snow, humidity or sun
  • When properly applied, paint will not peel, fade or crack over the years


Is Fibre-Crown™ a reliable product?

Absolutely. We have been developing and producing this product since 1998. Over the years we have perfected our production process and our proprietary coating until we were able to achieve a consistent and reliable product. All materials used in our product are first quality and with the exception of fibreglass mesh, are all sourced locally. This allows us to have a direct relationship with suppliers and better control on materials that we use in our products. EPS, fibreglass mesh and polymer modified concrete are all materials suitable to the Pacific North West humid weather, making Fibre-Crown™ a lasting product, as witnessed by the hundreds of projects completed in these last twenty years.

What are the benefits in purchasing original Fibre-Crown™ products?

By purchasing Fibre-Crown™ original products you know that you will receive: 

  • products that have been installed on all types of buildings for the last twenty years and have clearly proved to be suitable to the Pacific Northwest climate
  • top quality, fast service, personalized care and expert support for your project
  • products that respect Canadian and BC standards by using top quality components
  • project support with in-house architectural designers with an original Italian background
  • catalogue and custom-design elements that will make your home or building unique and tailor-made
  • direct expertise from top specialists who pioneered BC's exterior mouldings industry
  • access to exclusive Fibre-Crown™ qualified and selected independent installers
  • products that are 100% manufactured locally, mostly utilizing components that are made in our region, and therefore you will directly support the local economy
  • increase of market value of your property
  • a piece of mind that you are purchasing materials from an established and highly specialized company that makes manufacturing exterior architectural details its only business, that has full control of production and is directly responsible of the product that you will receive.


What is your opinion about products similar to Fibre-Crown™?

In the past three of four years we have seen a very large number of local companies selling products similar to Fibre-Crown™. Mostly these products are imported from overseas and often the quality and standards are far from what we believe is to be considered as acceptable. At times, installing poor quality materials may cause issues in the short future, such as joints opening, marks or holes created by birds, small pieces detaching and surfaces peeling or getting softer.

We suggest the following easy tests and verifications in order to verify that a product is within acceptable standards:

  • do the '"bucket" test: immerse a small sample (8"-12") of the product into a bucket full of water and leave it there for a couple of days. At this point, take the sample out of the water and try to pull the concrete coating away from the foam. The concrete coating should not detach from the foam easily and should not crumble in your fingers.
  • cut the edges of two different pieces of the same profile clean and put them tight together. The outside edge of the profiles must perfectly match. This is important when you need to join two pieces together (butt joints, mitres, etc.)
  • put a sample of a larger detail, such as sill or header or cornice on the ground, concrete side up and foam down, and step on it. Concrete coating should not crack or be affected by this test
  • scratch the concrete surface with your nails. You should not be able to mark or engrave the surface of the concrete coating.
  • make sure material are supplied in 8- or even 10- or 12-foot lengths to reduce the number of joints. In fact joints are always a possible point for water penetration and consequent opening of the joint over time. Many imported products are supplied only in 6'6 lengths in order to save on freight costs.
  • make sure arches are supplied factory made to the right radius in one piece (or two pieces in case of arches wider than 6 feet). Some suppliers use straight lengths and make arches on site by cutting and joining two-inch sections of the profile next to each other and re-coat by hand the surface of the moulding once it is installed. Not only is the quality of the finished product not acceptable, there's also the risk that joints will open within a few years.
  • make sure you don't see white stains on the surface of the coating. This means that polymers have not been used in the coating and this type of effervescence will tend to appear also after mouldings are painted.
  • make sure that all details to be installed horizontally, such as bandings, headers, sill, trims and caps have a noticeable slope at the top. This is needed to keep water away from the building wall. Without a slope, the product will be rejected by city inspectors, even when it is already installed
  • make sure lines are straight and sharp
  • make sure you verify in person projects where details provided by the supplier have been installed at least four or five years ago


How can I receive a quote for my project from Fibre-Crown Mouldings Inc.?

For your first contact we recommend that you visit our factory and show-room in Burnaby and familiarize yourself with the product and our company. You will discuss your requirements with our sales personnel and based on this information, we will provide you a quote within a few days. A hard copy or a .pdf file of the project plans is required at this time.

If you are not available for a visit to our show-room, you can e-mail the .pdf file of your project plans to our office with a few pieces of information and your requirements and we will provide you with a quote in the same manner.

What is the average delivery lead-time?

Normally, we are able to supply materials within three to four weeks from finalizing details for the order and receiving the deposit. For larger projects where particular custom details are required, delivery lead-time may be extended by a few weeks. However, we always work with customers and study a delivery schedule that will not affect other trades by having partial delivery as materials are ready.

This said, we always have a large stock of common materials available in various lengths, in particular for windows and doors treatments, smaller bandings and cornices.

Do you ship materials out of British Columbia?

Although over the years we have occasionally shipped materials to other Canadian Provinces, the US and Europe, our market is restricted to the Vancouver Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. We feel that this way we can have that direct and personal relationship with our customers and offer them the best possible service and assistance, which is a big added value to our product.

Do I need to paint Fibre-Crown™ details?

For a lasting result, Fibre-Crown™ details need to be painted or sealed. This way you will protect the surface and obtain a uniform finish that will last for many years to come. Some customers prime and apply the first coast of paint before the product is installed. Thanks to the texture of the surface and it's chemical composition, paint will firmly bond to our coating.

Do you also install Fibre-Crown™ products?

As manufacturers of Fibre-Crown™ products, we prefer to stay focused on production. Some of our customers are also installers of our product, and this is a further reason to avoid competing with them. As support to our product and clients, we do provide a list of qualified installers that have been familiar with our specific brand for at least five years and that we consider reliable for their installation skills, pricing and overall service.

For any further questions, please e-mail us at info@fibrecrown.com