Fibre-Crown Mouldings Inc. is a leader in the design and manufacturing of architectural details and mouldings. Manufactured in standard or custom shapes, the polystyrene (EPS) profile is reinforced by fibreglass mesh and coated with our proprietary polymer-modified concrete. Suitable for any type of exterior application, our products are dimensionally stable and durable, specifically created to withstand the humid Pacific Northwest weather. Fibre-Crown Mouldings Inc. consists of a team of skilled and dedicated people committed to excellence in the design and manufacturing of your architectural needs. The wide variety of details, shapes and sizes, as well as our commitment to constant improvements in our products and services, guarantees that you will incorporate the best ingredient to meet the requirements of your project.

Fibre-Crown Mouldings Inc. products are exclusively manufactured at our plant in Burnaby, BC.

Design Flexibility

Fibre-Crown™ products are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes including trims, sills, headers, cornices, bandings, columns, brackets. All our details can be customised to meet your particular requirements.


Fibre-Crown™ products are lightweight and easy to install, dimensionally stable and moisture resistant, durable, do not require any particular maintenance and will stand the test of time.

All At a Competitive Price

Fibre-Crown™ products provide both strength and flexibility at a fraction of the cost of pre-cast and framed applications.


Fibre-Crown Mouldings Inc. comprehensive product offering will enhance the architectural and decorative appeal of any project. Our experienced design team is available to offer technical assistance for your custom applications.

Fibre-Crown Mouldings Inc. is the original and only manufacturer of Fibre-Crown™ products.
Fibre-Crown™ is a registered trade mark.