Product Description

Fibre-Crown mouldings and architectural details consist of a polystyrene (EPS) base reinforced with a fibre mesh and coated with Fibre-Crete, our exclusive polymer-modified cement formula.

The product obtained through this process is high quality, strong, durable and affordable. It stands up in any type of weather; it is not affected by rain, moisture or extreme temperature changes.

It does not shrink, expand or rot; very little maintenance is required after the product is properly installed.

Fibre-Crown mouldings are suitable for both external and internal use.



Our catalogue offers a wide variety of profiles and other decorative elements but we are also committed to developing new ideas according to the needs of our customers. Regardless of the quantities manufactured we can quickly modify our shapes and create new ones, while maintaining our very competitive price. Also, most of our profiles can be supplied curved or arched in accordance to the architectural needs of the project.



Based on the final use and type of application, we can supply our profiles in three different surface finishing grades:

  • PAINT STONE GRADE (PSTG) is the most popular finishing grade that we supply. Thanks to the stone-type-finish, the paint will bond very easily to the profile surface and it will look good for many and many years.
  • STUCCO GRADE (SG) is the finishing grade required when a stucco coat is to be applied to our product after it has been installed. For this reason the finish of the cement is very thin and looks rough.
  • SPRAYED ACRYLIC is the finishing available for those commercial projects where a pre-finished product is required.

PAINT STONE GRADE finished mouldings and other decorative elements are supplied only in the natural gray or light-gray cement natural color without any additional treatment or paint coating. Finish must be primed and painted after the profiles are installed.

SPRAYED ACRYLIC, being a finished product, can be supplied in any color chosen by the Customer.



Fibre-Crown products have been successfully tested for performance and flame-spread.


For more information about specific products, please go to the Catalogue.